About Salty Cabbage Kimchi

Salty Cabbage was founded to share and serve good kimchi in the community. We follow traditional family recipe and use only top quality ingredients without using MSG or preservatives. Salty Cabbage Kimchi  is made locally in Vancouver and offers many plant based options. 

Local ingredients

We support local farmers and small businesses. Salty Cabbage Kimchi uses BC apples and BC vegetables whenever they are in season. When they are off season, we find the freshest from local stores. 

What is Salty Cabbage Kimchi?

Premium Kimchi

Made in Vancouver

We make premium kimchi which contains no MSG and/or Preservatives. Unlike store bought kimchi that are mostly imported from China/Korea, our kimchi are made in small batches weekly. You can find us at farmers markets, online or at some grocery stores. They are delivered from our kitchen to the destination right after they were made. 

Keep it refrigerated

Fresh and crisp

Once you recieve your jar, please keep it refrigerated to slow down the fermentation. As kimchi ferments, the taste becomes more tangy and the texture becomes soft. Please keep the lid on to avoid contact with oxygen, use clean utensils to avoid contact with saliva and keep it refrigerated to control fermentation. This will keep your kimch crispy and less tangy for a while.

Plant Based

Vegan-Friendly Kimchi

We offer various types of plant based kimchi. Most kimchi bought in stores contain shrimp pasted and fish sauce. We offer most authentic kimchi in vegan-friendly versions. 


Media Appearances

Vancouver Magazine: Nominated as a finalist in 2020 Made in Vancouver Awards- Food: Savoury item. (June, 2020)


Vancouver Sun: Salty Cabbage founder looks to step up the store-bought kimchee game (Nov, 2019)


BC Western Living: Finalists in Foodies of the Year 2020



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