Local Farm Series- Whole Cabbage Kimchi

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Ingredients: napa cabbage, onion, garlic, salt, ginger, chili pepper.

Size: 1 bag (1 L )

The whole cabbage kimchi is different from regular classic kimchi we have. This is not sliced, sugar free and fully fermented. 

You can cut the core at the end and eat the long leaves, use it for cooking or make a wrap with kimchi or slice it to a bite size and serve as a side dish. 

The cabbage we used for our kimchi is from brave child farm. It's a small farm in surrey which specialize in asian vegetables. The farm uses no pesticides or spray on their vegetables but is not certified organic. 

Salty Cabbage makes kimchi without any MSG or preservatives for the maximum quality and probiotics. We make kimchi in small batches for quality control and ferment our kimchi with love and care in our VCH approved facility (Coho Commissary)

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