Bulk Kimchi

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This is a 2KG Bulk Size Kimchi 

Pick up Location  Coho Commissary   Vancouver Farmers Market
Pick up Dates Tue/Wed/Thu

Pick up Hours 8am-2pm 10am-2pm


*Please allow 48 hours for orders

*Please indicate pick up location & time in Special instruction box at the checkout

or email info@saltycabbage.com 


Ingredients: napa cabbage, green onions, onions, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, apple, pear, sweet rice powder, fish sauce, salted shrimp, chili powder.

Gluten Free/ No Preservatives/ Probiotics / Vitamins

*PLEASE KEEP IT REFREGERATED* to delay fermentation. Once it starts fermenting, kimchi will turn tangy and tart.   

*POP* the bottle cap might pop (like champagne bottles) because the active fermentation process creates gas while making good probiotics

*USE CLEAN UTENSILS* and do not eat out of the jars. Saliva or water will get your kimchi moldy. 


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