How to do Wholesale business with Salty Cabbage?

We also make bulk sizes that comes in 4L containers (approximately 2.8kg) and are always open for opportunities with restaurants and commercial kitchens who wants to be creative with their menu. Aside from online orders and bulk size orders, our jars are also ready to be on your shelf.

It would definitely be a trendy well-being item to make your shelf glow.  If you would love to have our kimchi on your menu or at home, don't hesitate to contact us today!



Salty Cabbage Sourcing Practices


We use apples grown in Okanagan Valley. Ambrosia, honey crisp are our favorites among all, and sometimes Fuji when they are available. We are very lucky and proud to be a local kimchi maker who has access to various kinds of world-famous local apples.
There are few different types of pear you can find in local groceries. The best one for kimchi is Asian pear. It’s round, plump and crisp yet is the juiciest.  It gives a very clean and refreshing taste to both kimchi and the natural juice from kimchi. However, they have tendency to make other ingredients tender so the right amount of pear is the key.


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