Our main ingredient, Napa cabbage, comes mostly from California or Mexico. There are very few farms that grow Napa cabbage in British Columbia. There are a few farms in Surrey and Langley that specializes in Asian crops. Napa cabbage is only available from late July to September but this often depends on the climate of the year. If the weather is not promising, they are only available until August, which is relatively shorter compared to the states or Mexico who cultivate Napa cabbages all year round.

We get our cabbage only from trusted and certified fresh produce wholesalers, this lets us create our premium kimchi . If you are a Napa producer then give us a shout! We would love to meet you and try your produce.

trusted and certified fresh produce

We only source our produce from trusted, reliable farms where we check the quality of the produce daily.

Asian radish

There are two kinds of Asian radish available in British Columbia. One is called Lobok, it's easily found in local groceries. The other is Korean radish, it's bigger and thicker than Lobok(Daikon) and is harder to find. We use Korean radish for radish kimchi because it has less moisture and firmer texture, which helps radish kimchi stay fresh and flavourful for a long time. Sometimes Korean radish is not available at all in B.C markets, then unfortunately this will go off the shelf until it is back. There are no farms that grow Korean radish in B.C. Asian crops are fairly new to this land and it would take more time to settle their roots here in B.C.

Farm to plate

We get our cabbages from only trusted and certified fresh produce wholesalers.

Kinds of Radish

There are two kinds of Asian radish available in B.C. One is called Lobok

Radish Kimchi

We use Korean radish for radish kimchi because it has less moisture.

Apples & Pears

We use apples grown in Okanagan Valley. Ambrosia and honey crisp are our favourites of all the varieties, sometimes Fuji when they are available. We are very lucky and proud to be a local kimchi maker who has access to various kinds of world-famous local apples.

There are few different types of pear you can find in local groceries. The best one for kimchi is Asian pear. It’s round, plump and crisp yet is the juiciest.  It gives a very clean and refreshing taste to both kimchi and the natural juice from kimchi. However, they have tendency to make other ingredients tender so the right amount of pear is the key.

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