There are many different types of Kimchi dishes, and the most famous meal in this category is the cabbage Kimchi. This meal is pungent and largely seasoned, and illustrates the family pride source as well as a taste of a good home. Cabbages and radishes are the most commonly used kimchi vegetables.


Brining salt (with a larger grain size compared to kitchen salt) is used mainly for initial salting of kimchi vegetables. Being minimally processed, it serves to help develop flavours in fermented foods.

Commonly used seasonings include gochugaru (chili powder), scallions, garlic, ginger, and jeotgal (salted seafood) Jeotgal can be replaced with raw seafood in colder Northern parts of the Korea. If used, milder salted shrimp or salted croaker is preferred and the amount of jeotgal is also reduced in Northern and Central regions. In Southern Korea, on the other hand, generous amount of stronger salted anchovies and salted hairtail is commonly used. Raw seafood or salted cod gills are used in the East coast areas.

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